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Empathy vs sympathy

‘Emaphty’ has been used often over the last few years. This short article may give a understanding of this concept.


Learning colour (3. Eating)

In Chinese, certain colours can refer to certain groups of people. Eating or being eaten are their relationships.

Chinese horoscope

To express my horoscope, I could say:  我Wǒ属shǔ…… (+ any of the following animals).

Chinese leader’s name (Discussion)

When the Chinese vice-president Xi Jinping was visiting Ireland a few weeks ago, an Irish farmer said to him that he would like to name his newly-born calf after Xi. Would you think that’s something Chinese people would do?

Learning colour (2. Jealousy)

A children’s book has the following sentence: “When I’m jealous, colour me green”. It looks like that in the west jealous people change their colour from head to toe. Compared with the westerners, Chinese people seem calmer. The only indicator for their jealousy is the change of their eye colour. However, their eyes turn into red instead of green. It can be said in Chinese that somebody is 眼红yǎnhóng.  

Learning colour (1. Clothing)

I came across a Chinese word a few days ago. It’s called ‘hēilǐng, 黑领 or black collar’. Do you know what it refers to?